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“If you want to understand today
you have to search yesterday.”
     - Pearl Buck -

Plein Air Painting Workshops | Tales of...OLD LIMBER PINE & WILSON GLACIER | Wednesday, August, 28 - Saturday, August 31, 2024

Plein Air Painting Workshops by: Elite Brands Culture Discovery Tours

Offered: By Registration. Workshops Limited to 15 participants
Cost: $100 CAD/per Day / $260 when booking all 4 Workshop Sessions
When: August 18, 2024 - August 31, 2024
Mentor Artist: Francoise Croigny-Manier


The aim of the "Tales of Old Limber Pine & Wilson Glacier" Plein Air watercolor painting workshops is to transform geological landscapes into cultural landscapes, so that rocks and landscapes can take on new meanings for people when viewed from a cultural perspective. The stories in the rocks and their cultural associations will provide opportunities for artists to reconnect with the local heritage and experience a renewed sense of wonder. Such an approach can help those artists who might have little interest in geological details to be linked with cultural roots and enhance sense of place and connections with the natural world. This means shifting the emphasis from appreciating landscape stories through geologists’ eyes to alternative storylines about the landscape.

Interpretation of cultural links can enhance the geological stories and offer alternative ways of attracting and engaging visitors and adding to their experiences. Artists, musicians, poets, writers, geoscientists and local people interpret the landscape in different ways. Exploring the landscape through these different cultural filters can provide memorable personal experiences for visitors and enable a more holistic view of the landscape. Such an approach to interpretation can help bring together the First Nation and all Settlers’ Cultural Traditions. 

Historical & Heritage Tour | A Place Where I Could Breathe | Monday, July 01, 2024
chief Robert smallboy_01.jpg

Tour Organizer: Elite Brands Culture Discovery Tours

Offered: By Registration Only. Tour Limited to 20 people
Cost: Free 
When: July 01, 2024 @ 11.00AM – 16.00 PM
Location To Meet: Preachers Point Staging Area (South), Kootenay Plains, Alberta

Invited Guest: Gary Botting
Gary Botting is a Canadian legal scholar and criminal defense lawyer (now retired) as well as a poet, playwright, novelist, and critic of literature and religion. For his biography of Chief Bobtail Smallboy, Gary says:


"In 1982, Chief Gordon Lee of the Ermineskin First Nation, the husband of one of my students and then administrator of the Four Bands Council in Hobbema, requested my assistance in recording and preserving the thoughts, memories, and oral history of Chief Bob Smallboy.  Starting in July 1982, Gordon and I conducted a series of interviews with Smallboy in which he explained in detail the life he was trying to lead in the Kootenay Plains. By far the most important parts of the book are the personal stories of the oral tradition. I am not an historian, but a chronicler of Smallboy's life".

Note: Gary's Botting signed book Chief Smallboy: In Pursuit of Freedom will be available to purchase after conclusion of the tour.

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